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New Forest Ventures

Working at the physical intersection of native trees and plants, strategy, education, and communication. NFV supports individuals, organizations, land stewards, and brands as they work to improve the natural world through the efficient installation of native trees and plants.Get your hands dirty with us and make a visible, measurable, and generational impact.

Who, what and why


We work with clients to strengthen their communities, brands, land use efficiency, and communications by physically restoring and improving our natural environment with native trees, plants, and Miyawaki-style mini-forests.Our solutions allow individuals, civic organizations, businesses, and others to tackle complex problems using proven, understandable, measurable, and actionable plans, programs, and plants.Marketing, public education and engagement programs including events, social media campaigns, physical and digital assets, and more are a regular feature of our work with our clients and partners.


DAIRY FARM Restoration

At its peak, Kemp Clemen's Tumbledown Dairy Farm in Nokesville, VA was over 230 acres; a vast majority has been sold for residential development. NFV is restoring the 9 acres around the original dairy barn, feed silos and family homestead to native forest.We will be guided by Kemp’s civic and agricultural spirit as we create a network of forests and trails available to the community for learning, recreation, and more.From Kemp Clemen's obituary:Kemp served in Europe as an Army Medic during WWII, returned home on the Queen Elizabeth II, and married his Beloved Ruby Jones. Kemp and Ruby loved the land that made up Tumbledown, on which they raised a family of four, and provided a home, care, and guidance for countless other family members and friends.As one of the founders of Prince William Veterans Farm Club, organizers and promoters of The Prince William County Fair, (1949), Kemp knew the importance of educating people about farming and agriculture. He welcomed numerous student classes to his farm and considered it an honor to be a part of teaching young men and women the value of local farming and its benefits around the world.The native forests and trails planted will be developed in Kemp's spirit and will be used for education, innovation, and community connection.

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Trees, Society and the Future Initiative

From reforestation after wildfires, suburban canopy loss and inner city heat deserts to urban tree equity, habitat restoration and watershed health, the strategic propagation, distribution and planting of trees and related species has become one of the most important, fast growing, and in demand nature based solutions available.NFV's Trees, Society and the Future Initiative allows individuals and organizations to join a community of like minded actors, stay up to date on the latest policy news and research, and have access to programs, events, and networks where the value of native species and trees are celebrated and acted upon. Contact us to learn more about this unique opportunity and to join.

About Us

New Forest Ventures

New Forest Ventures mission is to use native trees and plants to provide simple, actionable solutions to organizations, individuals, brands and others that want strengthen their communities, increase their impact, and be more efficient with their communications and resources (eg use less water and energy).NFV was founded by David Miller PhD, an entrepreneur, published author, and professor. Ibi Pashaei, owner of Northern Virginia Landscaping, a certified Arborist and former student of Miller's, is a principal with NFV.

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